Tuesday, August 11, 2015


it's been a while.

things have been rushed.  slow.  painfully intangible.  sometimes, all too real.  wonderful.

happy?  sure, why not.
    most of the time.

it's an effort though, no?  most of the time, yes.
   it's a decision.  i chose, yes "i am happy" - because i know the alternative and that is boring, and predictable.

my friend did this thing...  thought it was insightful... so, for fun:

A- Age: ...
B- Biggest Fear: disappointing those i love, not being able to provide.
C- Current Time: 12:00 pm pst
D- Drink you last had: Water
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Q and Mar (and Susi)
F- Favorite Song: i have a rotation.  
G- Grossest Memory: being told to know my place ...
H- Hometown: LA
I- In love with: love
J- Jealous Of: N/A
K- Killed Someone? Nope
L- Longest Relationship: 2 years
M- Middle Name: N/A
N- Number of Siblings: real 1, like....too many
O- One Wish: too many
P- Person who you last called: Lindsey McDowell
Q- Question you're always asked: Where are you from?
R- Reason to smile: Any
S- Song last sang: The Last Time (Gary Lightbody / Taylor Swift)
T- Time you woke up: 5:30am
U- Underwear Color: Grey
V- Vacation Destination: where i want?  London.
W- Worst Habit: too many
X- Xrays you've had: Everywhere
Y- Your favorite food: N/A
Z- Zodiac Sign: Virgo