Saturday, December 19, 2015


you came hurtling towards me at the speed of sound,
   i heard you coming.
   i saw you coming - and, in that difference between the the deafening boom and the blink of light...
   in that difference /distance - darkness.
i could not stop the collision and the explosion and the shattering...

   but, you are not the first disaster.

floods, eruption, chaos...  stillness, peace, then hope.

   the time between us counts in no way, so much so it counts in every way.  it was nothing.  and, everything.  

you were a meteor.  i was in your way.  was i in your way?
   the natural consequence:  my destruction.

next time: i will remind myself that i am not a planet, but a heart.
   i can move.
   i can save myself.
   i can hear the oceans shift and see the sun's rays and feel the changing of the winds...

you came and left and i have no idea what to do with this....
   thank you / i'm sorry...  (i wish we never met)