Thursday, April 28, 2016


sometimes i forget that it all started with writing.  with letting go, and breathing and letting the words flood through me.

some people - most people - don't understand that.  the music of words.  their beats, their underlying meanings.  i mean, we live in a world where the word "literally" no longer exists.  not really.

sometimes i wonder if i have forgotten how to write, or rhyme.  and then i'll meet someone that reminds me that i haven't - i just lost the words.  and you stare into eyes that you don't know, but begin to hear their thoughts and think:  magic!  but, no.  it's simple, natural, human connection.

i love that:  the simple truth.

i love that i am simple, and in that simplicity i am an universe planted into an atom unfolded.

i am far more than you give me credit for....  and yet nothing at all.

   i can love you forever, if you let me....  and i promise never to leave.  but, i will - because you will ask me to.  because a love like that is frightening.


sometimes i forget how far they live - my best friends.  and, yet, i feel the in my heart beat.... because my heart is no longer mine.

i have found a way to give it back to the creator, whilst exponentially growing and giving it away.

that's how i know that i have not forgotten how to write, that's how i know i still create when speaking the words of others.

      but, i am still afraid.  beyond that - i push through.

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